Kids with parents In Divorce (KID)

Dear kids,

You did not chose for your parents to get divorced. It happens to you. Sometimes you can feel fine with it, other times it makes you sad, angry, quiet, or you are overwhelmed by unanswered questions.

What’s it like with other kids?

In a KID group you get to meet other primary school kids with divorced, or divorcing, parents.

Have I got a problem?

Although you can feel just fine about your parents’ divorce, it can be nice and reassuring to meet other kids and share your experiences. KID is not just for kids feeling down about their parents’ divorce.

What happens at these meetings?

Role playing, games, drawing, talking, … This will help us talk about some difficult things, listen how other kids deal with it, learn how we can ask or speak about something. We encourage you to talk with your parents about what you do at the KID meetings.

Dear parents,

Children do not chose the divorce of their parents. It happens to them. How they deal with the changes resulting from a divorce can vary a lot.

Why KID for my child?

At the KID meetings, children can learn to understand the divorce, and find a way to deal with this difficult experience.

For all children of divorced parents or parents in divorce

Children who deal well with the divorce also benefit from meeting peers: they can share feelings and experiences, learn from each other, and find the words to talk to their parents.

More information?

If your child is interested, feel free to contact me for more information. We can discuss how we can form a KID group with other children, and decide on suitable days and times.

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